Yeah, That’s Much Better Dany

When Dany D-bag was traded to the Sharks, there was all this wild talk that he would score 60 goals (Ray Emery), and that he would be the best goal scorer in the league. Joe Thornton was certainly a better passer than Jason Spezza. Heater was bound to light the lamp so many times there would be a shortage of red light bulbs in the bay area. Yeah, how’d that work out?

2008 – 2009: 39 Goals

2009 – 2010: 39 Goals

Gee Dany, what’s going on?  Are you experiencing a diminished role in San Jose?  Did you get relegated to the 2nd power play unit?  Is Big Joe not giving you the disc?

Yeah, Thornton is clearly a much better passer for you.  Oh and can you please explain how a guy that didn’t even play with Joe and yourself full time, and was often given much tougher checking assignments managed to put up 43?  Where did that Patrick Marleau guy come from Dany?  Back in 2006 – 2007, when you were scoring 50 goals, Marleau only had 32.  That’s weird.  He’s also older than you.  He’s leaving his prime.  You’re supposed to be the goal scoring superstar.  I’m confused Dany.  Either you’re not the player you said you were, or Joe Pavelski can dish the nugget much better than Joe Thornton.

You’re gonna have to explain this one Dany.  I know it can’t possibly be your fault.  Maybe you should ask for another trade.  At least wait till the Sharks get bounced by the Avalanche though.  You don’t want to be premature.  We know you have a problem with that.



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6 responses to “Yeah, That’s Much Better Dany

  1. Shaun

    I’m not one to defend Dany Heatley. By all means, I agree he is a douche. But if you’re going to attack him on the basis of his goal-scoring output when he finishes the season 8th in the league, and for not meeting unrealistic expectations set by someone else, well that makes you look like a… what’s the word now?

    • It’s not about the unrealistic expectations of Ray Emery. It’s proving the point that the team wasn’t the issue with Dany’s output, Dany was. It’s about diminished output being his problem, not a “diminished role”. It’s about taking responsibility for your own performance and not blaming it on your teammates or a coach just because your numbers weren’t as great as you expected. It’s about Dany realizing that he has been scoring in the same fashion since he broke into the league and the fact that if he doesn’t adapt and improve, his number aren’t going up.

      • Shaun

        You’re right, he has been scoring in the same fashion for some time. He’s been in the top ten goal scorers for the past five seasons. What is it he’s supposed to be worried about?

      • What he has to worry about is the fact that teams have recognized his tendencies and are learning to take the dead space that he has been finding away from him. That’s why his numbers have stagnated. It’s not because of the players around him. Because of that, it’s likely that his numbers will drop as he gets older if he doesn’t learn to identify different dead zones. His skating has always been suspect, but he has survived on his ability to find those areas, good goal scorers always do. But since his back to back 50 goal seasons you’ve seen him develop patterns. He’s been fortunate in that he has played with two of the best passers of this generation, but eventually, and especially as he gets older, those passing lanes will be less reliable. Since he doesn’t really have the ability to create his own shots, he’s going to need to learn where he can place himself that is going to keep those lanes open a split second longer every year. That’s a lot of watching tape, and it’s a lot of identifying personal responsibility, two things that Heatley has had issues with in the past. He has demonstrated great instincts in the past, but he’s not really a naturally intelligent player. He’s going to have to put in the work necessary to become an intelligent player. And as I said, that’s something that a lot of people have doubted about him in the past.

        Listen, I know the blog is sophomoric and immature and for the most part it’s a joke (even though I really do think he’s an asshole), but I’m not an uneducated hockey mind and neither is my partner, the whole point is to poke fun, but if you want to have an intelligent hockey conversation that moves beyond stats and gets into the real analysis of the game, I’m always available.

      • Shaun

        Take a breath.

        By all means again, I’m not saying he isn’t a douche. And certainly he should be attacked as such.
        And terrific that you’ve got it worked out how he can continue to be a great player.
        It’s just that you’re using words that don’t fit the situation. Statements like, “his numbers have stagnated” are usually reserved for situations where the numbers are sub-par, not in situations where what you mean is “his numbers have continued to be at the level of the elite.”

      • and what I’m saying is that he won’t continue to be considered elite if he doesn’t smarten up. I don’t see the fire in his belly anymore. He needs to find that, and with that, he’ll learn how to be better for longer. I just don’t have any reason to believe that will happen.

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